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Notes for the 2 Diaries below. For both diaries an actual image of the pages as well as the text (with links) is displayed. I tried to faithfully copy Percy exactly in the text, including spelling and his choices for punctuation and capitalization. (The text blocks will appear beside the diary image if the browser window is made wide enough.)

Percy makes frequent references to his home in Portland. During (at least) the span of these diaries, Percy's and his Mother's home was at 560 Karl St. in Portland. The map of Portland Detail places 560 Karl St., as well as the frequently used train station, with respect to Downtown Portland. That map also has a link to the details of 560 Karl St. and why it no longer exists.

A term wich threw me at first is 'fatigue' ('Fitague' in its first appearance). In all cases in these diaries it is a military term:
.... Wikapedia: Fatigue (military duty), work of a non-military nature such as construction of fortifications or clean up of grounds
June 13, 1917
December 31, 1917
World War I Service Diary 1
January 1, 1918
July 8, 1918
World War I Service Diary 2
Feb 13, 1918 Letter to Berniece. Includes details of training for battlefield gas attacks using the actual gasses.
June 27, 1918 Postcard sent from Kelso, Washington, to Berniece from the troop train to New Jersey.
June 30, 1918 Postcard sent from Grand Island, Nebraska, to Berniece from the troop train to New Jersey.
July 2, 1918 Postcard sent from Kent, Ohio, to Berniece from the troop train to New Jersey.
July 25, 1918 Standard form postcard sent from Europe confirming the arrival of Percy's troop ship.


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